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Helping our partners bring in products and manufacturing assembly to build custom solutions for a connected India.


An Overview

India is a vast and diverse country which has grown tremendously in the last few decades. Even though the urban areas have seen a surge in connectivity and inclusiveness, remote India is still far behind. This lack of connectivity along with limited infrastructure compounds the problems for people of rural India. In a world connected with high speed internet, there are regions that are yet to see the onset of internet. 

The country has developed zones of fast development that is putting stress on a few cities for growth and a huge influx from across the country into these cities for jobs worsens their manageability .

The lack of connectivity and jobs in these rural areas leads to a myriad of problems that affect people at the grass root levels. Key issues include

Lack of Education: Today, education is being revolutionized with the advent of internet. It has become a medium to emanate knowledge and acquire relevant skills. Lack of this connectivity leads to lack of exposure and skill.

Lack of Jobs: By connecting rural parts of India and enabling industries to be setup there, jobs can be created. Lack of this setup is putting tremendous pressure on major cities leading to disparity and lack of opportunity for citizens.

Pressure on Infrastructure: There is a lot of internal migration in bigger cities because smaller towns and rural areas are not able to create jobs. The only sector prevalent in most rural areas is agriculture and it has it’s own issues due to lack of modernization. This is putting immense pressure on infrastructure and major cities to support the migration with resources like water and electricity.


The Challenges

India needs to grow holistically for sustainable development. We are bringing in connectivity solutions and manufacturing units to enable India’s rural development.


The Approach


The core problems for the lack of growth in rural India are driven by lack of connectivity and infrastructure to build jobs and grow industry. We are bringing in our partners to build solutions for sustainable growth of these regions and starting by connecting people of these regions with the world.

  •  Along with our partners we are bringing in a solution to provide internet connectivity to the remotest of regions. Our internet on a backpack solution can be carried anywhere on a backpack and enable internet access with wireless connectivity.
  • Using this connectivity, we are connecting schools and enabling internet driven education for the students to connect to the world. Unavailability of teachers in these regions is being solved by enabling remote learning in schools using internet.
  • Our partners are setting up their manufacturing units in these regions to create jobs along whilst building solutions that are connecting remote India reducing pressure on the major cities in India.
  • Using our 360 degree approach for solution development, we are addressing the core problems for sustainable holistic development of rural areas in India.

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